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Electronic Filing (Efile) Taxes

This tax season the buzz is all about e-filing.
By sending in your taxes to the IRS or your state’s Department of Revenue electronically, you jump ahead of the line when it comes to processing those returns. E-filing ensures that your tax returns are filed the fastest way possible, and arrive in a format easy to process.
Fast tax return delivery + ready-to-process returns = QUICK REFUNDS!
Just how much faster is electronic tax filing over standard mail returns? Well, they call the mail service pony express for a reason….
More than just getting your tax returns in quickly, however, e-filing allows for speedy refund delivery. Typical mailed in returns can expect refunds within 15 – 22 days after the IRS accepts and processes your return. Add this to the time it took to hand-write, calculate, and mail in your return and you’re easily looking at over a month of time invested!
You’ve waited all year to get your refund, why wait another month? The customer who e-files with us can expect their refund direct deposited, and sitting in their bank account within 8 – 15 days after filing.
E-filing is fast and accurate; is specifically engineered to be headache-free and we guarantee your satisfaction.  Our deduction maximizer works hard to find refund-boosting deductions that others miss. Your e-file tax return is backed by Smith and Smith Business Services; 

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